What is Beauty?

Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Joy who works in the Afro Hair Academy.

The Afro Hair Academy is an organization that helps develop products for textured hair and teaches people how to handle their hair and keep it healthy.
Joy spoke to us about how she believes that there is in fact enough products for textured hair in Wales buy they can be very expensive compared to straight hair products. Also, not everyone with textured hair happens to use these products and instead resorts to straightening their hair.
We asked Joy a few questions and we started by asking how working in the company makes her feel, she said that she feels extremely proud and that many people have benefitted from the company, and she enjoys seeing improvement of people’s confidence and becoming comfortable in their own skin.
Secondly, we asked what the feedback from different cooperations was like and she replied that the feedback has been all positive and she has been able to work with hundreds of people who all enjoyed working with the Afro Hair Academy.
Finally, we then asked her when she found out that this job was what she wanted to do and she answered with that she’s always known that she wanted to keep her hair natural and convinced others that they should do that too, however she found it difficult to find the right products for her hair texture and realized that many other people struggled with this too so she took it upon herself to create the Afro Hair Academy.
In conclusion, Joy really helped us understand that people with textured hair struggle to find the right products for their hair type and in my opinion, there should be more companies like
the Afro Hair Academy to develop more formulas that work on textured hair.
Many thanks,
Darcy Owens and Twahura Ali.